The Sizing Differences Between Boys’ & Girls’ Clothing Were Enough To Make This Mom Start Her Own Brand

posted: 05/30/17
by: TLCme

Sharon Choski had a 4-year old daughter Maya -- and like many kids, Maya is pretty particular about her clothing. Items that felt too frilly, had too many bows, were too boxy were just not for her. As her and her daughter shopped for clothing Choski found there weren't many retailers that offered an "in the middle" fit. In order to prove her point Choski rounded up samples from 10 major retailers to demonstrate her point, finding indeed girl's sizes vs. boy's sizers were often shorter and tighter, even though they were listed as the same size.

Choski commented: "We live in a culture where girls and women face a lot of pressure to be thin and look a certain way. When the fit of girl's clothing is so consistently smaller, it's just adding to that pressure."

Because of this unfair pressure, Choski started Girls Will Be in 2013, where a "in-the-middle" fit is offered, not too short, not too long.

The response has been overwhelming and many parents have said they face these issues.

In addition to Choski's line, Courtney Hartman has started Free to Be Kids, which focuses on breaking gender stereotypes by creating gender neutral clothing. One of her shirts stating "Handsome in Pink" and another saying "Boys Will Be Boys (boys is crossed out) and replaced with Good Humans." There is a onsie for baby's that reads "I Love My Thighs," and it will most definitely be on my baby registry.

Source: Free To Be Kids

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