The Shocking Reason You Need to Skip Fast Food If You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

posted: 05/09/18
by: Amanda Mushro
Beautiful young lady eating a tasty burger at an outdoor cafe. Horizontal Shot.


If you are hoping to eat for two, new research says you should pass on your favorite fast food restaurants and head to the produce aisle of your grocery store instead.

According to a new study, women who consumed more fast food like burgers, pizza, fries and fried chicken and also ate less fruit, took longer to get pregnant. In fact, the women who indulged in more fast food actually had a smaller likelihood of getting pregnant within a year.

For the study, scientists analyzed the diets of over 5,500 pregnant women from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Each woman was between 14 and 16 weeks gestation and was asked to log what they ate during the month leading up to conception. What they found was women who ate fast food four or more times a week took almost a month longer on average to become pregnant compared to those who ate fast food less frequently.

Researchers noted that the women who ate three or more servings of fruit per week were likely to conceive in a shorter amount of time, whereas women who passed on fruit, saw a month-and-a-half delay. The risk of infertility increased from 8 to 12 percent for woman who had the lowest intake of fruit, and in those who ate fast food four or more times a week, the risk of infertility increased from 8 to 16 percent. That's a pretty big jump. So if you are hoping to add to your family, you might want to grab an apple and skip the burger and fries.

"Small modifications in dietary intake may have benefits for improving fertility," wrote first author Jessica Grieger, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Adelaide. "Our data shows that frequent consumption of fast foods delays time to pregnancy."

While doctors have often told pregnant women to stay away from alcohol, smoking, and certain foods there hasn't been many details on what a woman should eat to increase fertility. So researchers are hopeful this study will help women as they begin the journey to become a mom-to-be.

So say yes to fruit and once you are pregnant, go ahead and indulge in those pregnancy cravings of fast food.