The Royal Details of the Royal Wedding — Thus Far

posted: 02/12/18
by: TLCme

In case you missed it, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are having a Royal Wedding on May 19, 2018 at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Of course we here at TLC cannot wait to gush over the details, which is why were were pleasantly surprised to wake up this Monday morning with a stream of tweets from Kensington Palace revealing some of the deets.

First of all, of course the future Mr. & Mrs. could not be more grateful for all the well wishes they have received regarding their engagement! (You're welcome! Any chance that means I'm invited to the wedding?! Kidding. Sort of?)

The couple is more than excited to be sharing their special day with the world on May 19th. You know we'll be throwing a Royal Wedding viewing party...unless of course I'm able to re-arrange my schedule in order to make the wedding, we'll see!

The service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury and will begin at high noon...and I'm assuming unlike weddings I've been to, this one will start promptly. (12 Noon GMT/6AM EST/3AM PST...if you're watching from the states, get your royal pajamas ready !)

After the wedding the Mr. & Mrs. will ride a carriage through town...honestly, just like the movies.

This carriage ride is in hopes that the people of Windsor will come together to enjoy the magic of the day! (If the Royal couple insists, I guess I should book my travel now!?)

Then it's off to the reception at St. George's Hall!

Then after the party, it's the after, after party for the couple's close family and friends. Unclear if that includes me or not, will let you know!