The Rise of ‘Post-Gender’ Baby Names

posted: 08/23/16
by: Katherine Sosnoff
post gender baby names
Quick... When you hear your friends just named their baby Charlie, do you picture a sweet little boy or a precious little girl? You have about a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly, as the name Charlie was almost evenly assigned to male and female babies born last year. According to a recent article in The New York Times, "post-gender" baby names are on the rise and names that used to lean to one gender, like Charlie, Rowan and Hayden, are becoming increasingly unisex.
Gender has become a hot topic for parents, as stores like Target do away with toy aisles geared towards specific genders and Banana Republic launches a baby line in an entirely gender neutral color scheme, so it's no wonder some parents are keeping with the trend to blur gender lines and naming their children with monikers that could work for either sex. Per The New York Times piece, many parents are seeking names for their children that don't traditionally align with their gender in hopes of freeing them of societal constructs.
This trend comes as no surprise to me, as my husband actually has a "post gender" name, though I doubt his parents knew they were being so trendy when they gave it to him 34 years ago. Gone the way of Kelly and Ashley, his name definitely rings more female than male these days, so when I call his name out in the grocery store, the only person who might answer would be my husband or possibly a pig-tailed three-year-old. Similarly, my nephew comes from a long line of males in our family who have held his name; yet, he also shares it with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter. I am now officially mentally adding "post-gender name identity" to the already fairly exhaustive list of factors to consider when naming our next baby.