The Oscars Have Never Been Cuter Than This Mom’s Recreations With Her Kids

posted: 02/25/16
by: TLCme

It can be super-hard to find the time to see all of the Oscar-nominated films each year, but you won't want to miss these adorable recreations of the iconic photos from Oscar-nominated films.

On a site called Don't Call Me Oscar, mom Maggie Storino has gloriously recreated some of the most indelible images from recent Academy Award-nominated films using her daughters as stand-ins for the famous actors.

There's Oscar-favorite The Revenant:

And the Tom Hanks-led Bridge of Spies:

The throwback beauty of Brooklyn:

And many, many more. In an interview with Today.com, Storino said of working with her three daughters -- Sophia (5), Sadie (3), and Sloane (8 months) described the family affair as a lot of hard work and fun.

"Even if someone isn't in the picture, they're in the background trying to get a laugh or, in the case of my husband in The Big Short, keeping Sloane from eating Jenga blocks."

You can keep up with her ongoing project by following the Storino family on the Don't Call Me Oscar Instagram.