The Newest Wedding Trend? Bro-dal Showers! We’ve Got 5 Themes to Try

posted: 06/26/15
by: Mara Betsch
Buzzfeed Life

A few years ago, the bride would plan the wedding and attend all the bridal events while her groom-to-be would twiddle his fingers and patiently listen to the horrors of wedding planning. But now, the guys are getting in on the action. And especially now that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, we're hoping that male same-sex couples don't miss out on these rites of passage.

The term, coined from Buzzfeed Life, describes a party where the grooms are feted. I mean, why do girls get to have all the fun? Just like bridal showers, bro-dal showers involve food, beverages (usually something stiffer than a mimosa), gifts and -- what else? -- games. With themes like "Lumbersexual" and "Batman and Robin," the Buzzfeed staff demonstrated how to have a great time celebrating the men in style.

If you'd like to throw your own bro-dal shower for a groom, try these guy-approved themes:

Brunchin' with bros

No need for anything fancy here -- just cook some eggs, fry a ton of bacon and make the strongest bloody marys possible. Play a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity and gift your groom kitchen supplies so that he can make his own delicious breakfast.

Brews and "I do's"

Get all your friends together to make beer to be enjoyed on the groom's wedding night (if it doesn't taste absolutely horrible). Just buy a few beer-making kits online, have guy-friendly snacks like pretzels, chips and pigs in a blanket and call it a day. Gifts should use a "stock the bar" theme for your booze-loving groom.

Flex in the city

For athletic dudes (you know the type), challenge guests to a road race, personal training session or other fun physical activity. For unathletic types, a sporting event will do, too. You can snack on beef jerk, take shots of muscle milk and play pin the muscle on the body builder afterward.

Dude feud

Who doesn't like a good game show? For trivia-obsessed couples, this will be a win! In this guy version of Family Feud, prior to the event, create a bunch of questions about the groom and/or grooms and poll the attendees. The best man can tally all the answers, and you can divide your friends and family into two teams to play. Drinking is highly encouraged and the "survey says" this will be a great time. You can even gift the couple board games and activities.

Groom(s) in tune

There will probably be a very select group of grooms who will appreciate this theme, but this party involves a good 'ole karaoke night. Either rent out a karaoke bar and croon to your heart's content or host one at home. Set up at a karaoke station, have a table dedicated to "liquid courage" and make a treble clef-shaped cake. It'll be music to the couple's ears?