The Miss America Speech That Has Nurses and Everyone Else in Tears

posted: 09/14/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Over the years, the Miss America pageant hasn't deviated much from its three main sections: talent, swimsuit and question-and-answer portion with the judges. And generally you tend to see your piano players and your gymnasts and your occasional geographical or historical information flub. Now, add to that list of talents: ability to make millions cry.

Such is the case with Miss Colorado, Kelley Johnson, who used her allotted time for the talent portion of the evening to tell a very heartwarming and tear-jerking story for anyone who's ever been affected by the generosity and kindness of a nurse.

In the video, which racked up 3 million views in under a day, Johnson tells a moving story of being "just a nurse" to the Alzheimer's patient who changed her life -- and vice versa. She may not have won the final crown and bouquet of roses, but she's certainly won our hearts -- and those of nurses and people who love them everywhere.