“The Little Couple” Shares Their Tips for Growing a Family

posted: 05/04/15
by: Mara Betsch

How Are You Adjusting To Being Parents of Two Children?

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Bill and Jen reflect on being parents to two children. Will makes it pretty easy, but according to Jen, Zoey is a bit of a handful at times.

When you first met "Little Couple," Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, they were a carefree couple, Now, they've adopted two adorable children, Will and Zoey, and are settling into family life. They've had their struggles -- Jen battled cancer and Bill had serious spine surgery -- they are now faced with their biggest challenge: managing two rambunctious toddlers. Though they are just as guilty as you are of bringing the iPad out during meltdowns and buying cookies for the school bake sale, they are great examples of parents who are making it all work. Watch their super helpful parenting tips and see if they help you manage your own family!