The Latest Hair Trend Is Inspired by Your Favorite Summer Fruit

posted: 06/14/16
by: Mara Betsch

Hair color trends seem to come and go (and then come into style again). We've seen ombre hair, icicle locks, and nearly every color on the rainbow, but we have to admit that this summer's big hair trend took us by surprise.

Watermelon hair, or hair that's dyed both pink and a shade of green, is taking over Instagram. Though the shade and saturation vary widely, it's clear that these hair trendsetters are getting inspired by a certain fruit. Take a look at some of the crazy looks.

A photo posted by @kat.lepp on

We've definitely seen pink and green shades before -- just not blended together. Though it's not for everyone, there's something sort of magical about this bright color combo. We especially like the pale pink, pale green combination. What do you think -- is it too bold or just right?