The Hot New Office Trend: “Hotdesking”

posted: 10/01/15
by: Courtney Reimer
messy desk

Open floor plan, meet hot desking. Hot desking is the latest trend in the workplace that some have gone so far as to say it's saving lives.

That grand, life-or-death statement is linked to something by now you've probably heard, which is that sitting all day at your desk can literally kill you. But the real reason this idea is taking hold, a Slate article helpfully points out is because it allows employers to save money by not having a designated workplace for every single employee. The way it works is: there are desks, yes, but there are also "communal work spaces," which translates to "a probably cute but impersonal shared place you can sit (or stand) and work."

For me, it's all a little too reminiscent of one of my least favorite childhood games -- hot potato - in which the objective (in case you forgot) was to keep something in our hands as briefly as possible. Doesn't seem very conducive to getting things done, and for those whose hot desks are more of a hot mess, woe betide the next unfortunate inhabitant.