The Great PB&J Debate- What is the Right Way to Make this Sandwich

posted: 07/06/18
by: Amanda Mushro
PB&J sandwich cut in half on a brown plate. Wooden background.


I would consider myself a peanut butter and jelly expert only because I whip up one of these delicious sandwiches almost every day for my PB&J loving kid. I've always assumed the peanut butter to jelly ratio or the flavor of the jelly--always strawberry-- or the texture of the peanut butter-- never crunchy--is what makes all the difference between a good PB&J and a great PB&J. However, a debate is raging on the internet about the proper way to make this beloved lunchtime sandwich. And to be honest, I feel a little torn.

The debate started when one Twitter user posed a simple question "What is the proper way to make a PB&J?" The question seemed simple enough, but then she added, "RT {retweet} for: bread then peanut butter, jelly on top on peanut butter then bread. Like for: bread then peanut butter, jelly on other piece of bread and place together."

The response was swift and divided.

I've always believed simple is better- peanut butter on one side, jelly on the other, then slap the two pieces together. However, there seems to be an entire camp of PB&J fans that put peanut butter on both sides to create a barrier so the jelly can't spill out. In fact, these people feel quite strongly about their PB&J game and the thread got a little heated between each side. The original tweet has already amassed 8, 515 retweets and over 245 thousand likes. People have lots of opinion on this topic

After taste testing both options, my son said he's cool with either way and could I please get him some milk. Tough crowd but at least I don't have to question my sandwich making skills.

We want to know where you stand on this debate. Are you team one side peanut butter and one side jelly or are you load up the PB on both slides?