The Great Ketchup Debate: Fridge or Pantry?

posted: 02/06/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Krinkle Cut Fries and Ketchup

There is a new debate that has taken over Twitter, and it is fiercely dividing households. No this has nothing to do with politics or sports, but with everyone's favorite condiment, ketchup. So where do you stand on this debate? Ketchup: should it be stored in the refrigerator or the pantry?

Things got quite heated over on Twitter, so to help settle this dispute, the ketchup gurus at Heniz have weighed in with their final answer: ketchup is shelf-stable but they recommend refrigerating after opening.

Turns out, recipe changes to ketchup have led to the great pantry/fridge debate. In an interview with The Daily Mail, microbiologist Dr. Peter Barratt says being more health conscious has changed how we store ketchup. "No one kept tomato ketchup in the fridge a decade ago, but then it contained more salt." Barratt says "In recent years, food manufacturers have had to cut the amount of salt, a natural preservative, because of its links to high blood pressure... However, while ketchup could keep safely in the cupboard for a couple of weeks, it's best kept in the fridge and eaten within the stated eight-week period,"

I'll admit, I grew up with ketchup always being in the pantry, but now I keep our ketchup in the fridge. However, if it was in the pantry, I wouldn't deny my chicken nuggets a dip or dunk.