The Genius Bra Washing Hack You’ll Want to Try

posted: 05/09/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Bras hang drying

When I pick up an item of clothing in a store and the tag reads "handwash only" that's usually a good sign for me to put it right back down. Because, come on, who has time to handwash anything? However, even though we know we are really supposed to handwash our bras, if you are like me, you are probably tossing them in the wash and hoping they come out looking like something similar to the shape they went in as.

A bra washing hack has been making its rounds on the internet and women everywhere are loving it because it's so easy and now maybe we can wash our under-things more often. So instead of using your washer and dryer, head to your kitchen and grab your salad spinner. Yes, your salad spinner.

Most experts agree that bras should be washed every few weeks or after a few wears and more if you are hot and sweaty. If you have several bras that you wear in rotation, this system works, but if you need to give them all a good wash, use this hack instead of tossing them in the wash.

Here's what you do:

Start by filling your salad spinner with two teaspoons of baby shampoo or mild detergent and fill will warm water. Give it a few spins and then drain the dirty water. Fill the salad spinner again with cold water give it enough spins to get all of the soap out. Drain the water again and then spin the wet bra alone to get out any excess water. Let the bra air dry on a flat surface.

That's it! So simple and finally a use for the salad spinner gathering dust in your pantry.