The Force Awakens a 2-Year-Old in a Hilarious Viral Video

posted: 05/11/16
by: Amanda Mushro

A Jedi is fearless and always prepared. And 2-year-old Sebastian Lopez proved he's ready for Jedi training after a recent surprise wakeup by Darth Vader.

Rob Lopez, Sebastian's dad, dressed in full Darth Vader costume and with his lightsaber drawn, videotaped himself waking a sleepy Sebastian. He shared the hilarious interaction on YouTube and of course, it has since gone viral.

"Sebastian, wake up," Rob says in a Darth Vader. "We can rule the galaxy as father and son. If you refuse to join me, then you must fight me."

While most kids would probably be terrified of Darth Vader standing by their bed, Sebastian quickly jumped into action, grabbed his own lightsaber and battled Darth Vader before handing him a few books to read, and a comfy place to sit.

Rob says he had his wife's permission to dress up and possibly terrify his son with this stunt, but luckily the Force is strong with his little one, and Darth Vader was no match for Sebastian.

P.S. In case you missed it: our favorite part of the video is when he had his wife sign a consent form that said: "I, wife, give permission to wake up our child in a manner that may potentially cause years of therapy and counseling." She, clearly a Star Wars fan herself, signed the handwritten document.