The “Fab Four” Smoothie That Has Everyone Hooked

posted: 06/29/18
by: Kristine Boyd

We hear a lot about how smoothies are an amazing way to fuel your bodies with the nutrients it needs. However, a lot of smoothies are packed with more fruit and sugar than our bodies need. Kelly Leveque, of Be Well By Kelly, saw a problem in the smoothies that people were being told were healthy. So instead of creating a specific smoothie recipe for people to make, she created a smoothie formula that everyone can easily follow!


The Fab Four Smoothie formula allows you to create a smoothie with all the ingredients you love while developing a blood sugar balancing meal replacement shake. Each smoothie has enough protein, fat and fiber to keep you full and energized in between meals. This formula allows people to pick the specific ingredients they love and want to use to create their smoothies.

My "Goulden Girl" (see what I didn't there ????) has got it going on with this Mint magic ? #Repost @jacqgould ??? For so long I wasn't a "smoothie person," because I never felt satisfied after and it never felt like enough to hold me over on it's own. I was so routined, eating the exact same thing every day ? ? ? BUTTTT then I started working with @bewellbykelly and jumped on the #fab4smoothie train. The formula is honestly such a game changer ? FAT, FIBER, PROTEIN & GREENS. My favorite part about it, is that I always feel like I'm beating my hunger. Especially on crazy days, when the idea of chopping every last veggie for a salad just isn't happening ? It's never too late to change up your routine BABES. It's actually pretty amazing for your body! Today's smoothie was: MINT CACAO CHIP ? - 1 cup of my mama's almond mylk (literally ?) 1/2 cup of filtered water, 1 scoop of @primalkitchenfoods chocolate collagen fuel, handful of organic baby spinach, 2 mint leaves, 1/2 ? (that I had frozen to add thickness), 1 tbsp of acacia fiber, 2 tbsp of cacao nibs (I mix them in after so they don't blend in & I get that crunch), and a handful of ice ? #findyourinnerbabe #healthyfood #smoothierecipes #glutenfree #paleo #dairyfree #bwbkfab4 #fab4smoothie

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The smoothie formula is as follows:

Protein (20g min) + Fiber (10g min) + 1 Tbsp. Fat + Handful Greens + 1/4 Cup Fruit + Superfoods + Liquid


With this formula the possibilities are endless! An example of a smoothie recipe would be protein powder, chia seeds, peanut butter, spinach, banana, maca powder and almond milk! This peanut butter banana smoothie will be a recipe for success as you take on your day. You will not only skip out on that afternoon snack, but you will actually feel clearer headed and focused as you go about your daily tasks!

You can mix and match ingredients to create fun, new smoothies that will actually make you feel good. These have enough greens, fat, fiber, and protein to combat that sugar crash that can happen when consuming copious amount of natural sugar. Notice that each smoothie will only contain 1/4 cup of fruit! This might seem like a small amount, but it is all you need! More than this can cause major spikes in energy and blood sugar.

It is important to mention that these smoothies taste as good as they look! Join in on the Fab Four goodness and find out for yourself why everyone is raving about this amazing smoothie formula! Try it out and send us a picture on Twitter at @TLCmeNow!