The Easiest Spring Cleaning Checklist

posted: 02/26/18
by: Kristine Boyd

It's almost time to begin your spring cleaning! If you're thinking it may be a little early to start, many have learned the hard way that deep cleaning takes longer than expected. Get a jump start this year and begin sooner rather than later in order to have a spotless home for the new season. While you may be dreading this task, we have created the perfect checklist to help make your cleaning experience as efficient as possible!

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We have found that it is easiest to separate your tasks by room. Instead of trying to jump room to room wiping counters and decluttering unused items, it's most efficient to complete location-based tasks in one day. Many also highly recommend spreading this process out over a few days. For example, you can do all the bathrooms on Monday, bedrooms Tuesday and so on and so forth. This way you won't get burnt out trying to get it all done in one day. If you're looking for an efficient cleaning plan, screen shot the list below for easy spring cleaning!

Your Easy Spring Cleaning Plan:


  • Wash all bedding
  • Declutter/organize clothes
  • Clean carpets/vacuum
  • Wipe down dressers, bedside tables and any other furniture


  • Clean toilets
  • Scrub bathroom tiles
  • Bleach bathtubs
  • Clean out/declutter all cabinets
  • Replace old toothbrushes and other bathroom products
  • Take out trash

Living Rooms:

  • Vacuum floor and furniture
  • Deep clean carpet
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces
  • Declutter book shelves
  • Fold blankets/fluff pillows


  • Declutter unused pots, pans and dishes
  • De-grease oven, stove and microwave
  • Throw out old food in pantry and refrigerator
  • Wipe down refrigerator
  • Mop floors
  • Wipe counters
  • Clean all dishes


  • Wipe down electronics
  • Dust shelves
  • Declutter book shelves
  • Organize loose files
  • Dispose of unused papers/files

General House Interior:

  • Clean windows
  • Wipe all countertops
  • Organize cabinets
  • Dust frames/remove cobwebs
  • Vacuum air vents
  • Dust ceiling fans

General House Exterior:

  • Clean gutters
  • Sweep garage
  • Clean any outdoor furniture
  • Remove dead plants/add new plants
  • Clean any sliding doors

Once you've completed this list, all that is left to do is light your favorite candle and relax in your spotless home. While there is more in-depth cleaning that could be added to this list, these are the basics that we think are the essentials to spring cleaning. Something about having a clean home is so satisfying to have. This may seem daunting at first, but after completing one or two tasks you will find yourself enjoying clearing your home of clutter!