The Craziest Food Trends We’ve Seen This Year

posted: 06/06/17
by: Kristine Boyd

Chefs everywhere are making viral culinary creations. These culinary geniuses are taking food to the next level and we aren't mad about it. From donuts made out of spaghetti to tacos combined with pizza, these are some of the craziest food trends we have seen in 2017.

Rainbow Bagels

The Bagel Store in Brooklyn was the first to start serving up these multicolored bagels. Since then the trend has taken off. These bagels are typically paired with funfetti cream cheese, making them even more colorful than they already are. People love this trend so much that many are starting to make these rainbow bagels in the comfort of their own homes. Rainbow foods are so popular we have an entire list of them!

rainbow bagel

Sushi Burrito

These sushi burritos, originally created by Sushiritto, are the latest craze hitting most major cities. This bundle contains the delight of sushi with the portion size of a burrito. Many restaurants are serving these creations as a customizable experience where the customer gets to go down the line of ingredients and chose whatever combination they please. What's not to love?

Sushi Burrito

Spaghetti Donut

The spaghetti donut is an American take on an Italian classic. Think of every pasta sauce on the market and Pop Pasta is making a donut out of it. This is the perfect bowl of delicious pasta put right into your hands providing a mess free experience. It offers an easy way to eat a pasta on the go any time of day.

spaghetti donut

Taco Pizza

When someone asks about your favorite food, many of us will either say tacos or pizza. Now, they don't have to be separate. Tony Boloney's has created a pizza covered in tacos with a guacamole center for dipping. They are giving their customers a way to experience the joys of tacos and pizza in the same bite.

Taco Pizza

Ice Cream Rolls

Ice cream rolls are one of the hottest dessert trends this year. They are inspired by a classic Thai dessert. This creation is made by pouring the ice cream base, along with toppings of your choice, onto a cold stone. The ice cream base freezes in seconds and is scraped into perfect ice cream rolls. This dessert looks as delicious as it tastes.

Ice Cream
Whether or not crazy food is your style, it's hard to deny that these are some of the most interesting, creative food trends we have seen this year! Tell us what your favorite food trend was this year on Twitter @TLCmeNow.