The Cons of Permanent Makeup and Ideas for Alternatives

posted: 05/09/18
by: Katie Morton
side view of young woman with eyes closed waiting while applies false eyelashes.

Perhaps you've fantasized about waking up in the morning and looking effortlessly gorgeous, without having to do your makeup. This is a fantasy that lures many to desire permanent makeup, whether that's in the form of eyeliner, eyebrows, or lip color.

Permanent makeup has grown in attention lately, thanks to newer technologies like microblading that promise finer strokes and detailing and more natural-looking results. But should you take the plunge and get your face tattooed?

We did some research on permanent makeup, and while we started out pretty enthusiastic about the idea, our excitement died down the more we dug into the issue. While some people absolutely love the results and would do it again in a heartbeat, it was the threat of the heartbreaking regret of others that talked us out of it.

The Cons of Permanent Makeup

It's your face, so of course you can do what you want. But here is a gentle reminder that permanent makeup amounts to a face tattoo, and like any tattoo, it's possible you'll regret it. Plus, tattoos are painful and expensive to remove. We have heard too many horror stories about permanent makeup and the downsides to microblading, including how it can fade to unattractive colors.

We see a lot of permanent makeup artists trying to lull would-be customers into a false sense of security by saying the look will fade over time, but that's just it--while it will fade, it won't go away entirely and your appearance will still be altered for life. And even a permanent makeup artist will tell you: because it fades, permanent makeup must get touched up every few years. Quality work can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So even if you love the results, getting it done once means a lifetime financial commitment to maintain the look.

Permanent Makeup Alternatives

That said, we totally get how attractive the promise is to wake up looking like a better, more beautiful version of yourself. Here are three ways you can alter your look temporarily that allow you to appreciate your natural beauty.

1. Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are basically false eyelashes that are attached with semi-permanent glue. They are applied by a certified technician. Do your research, look at reviews and photos, and make sure you go to an experienced professional.

The look of lash extensions can vary from natural to dramatic. You'll need to go for touch-ups every three to four weeks. The good news is that you'll wake up every morning with long, lush, beautiful lashes without having to wear mascara.

2. Long-Lasting Brow Makeup

It's easy to think that fat brows are here to stay forever, but a take a glance at eyebrow styles over the decades, and you'll quickly realize that brow shapes, thinness, and thickness swing from one extreme to the next over the years. Brow makeup can help you to stay on trend without overcommitting to a certain look.

Waterproof brow makeup, such as Maybelline's Tattoo Studio Brow Gel, promise to last a full 48 hours before fading. Obviously not as long-lasting as a real tattoo, but at least you can change the look of your eyebrows with the trends as opposed to being stuck in an era.

If you're unsure of how to apply brow makeup, this long-lasting brow makeup kit contains stencils to help you draw the perfect brow.

3. Grow Lashes and Brows Faster

If you want to try growing your lashes and brows the natural way, then try applying oils that can help hair grow faster. Vitamin E, castor oil, and coconut oil are all rumored to help hair grow faster. If you aren't sure which oil to try, you can make a blend of all three.

Even though they are natural, you should still do a patch test on your skin to make sure these don't irritate your skin, especially if trying out castor oil, as some find it to be a skin irritant.

We hope these alternatives to permanent makeup offer you some options to up your beauty quotient without the pain, expense, and commitment of tattooing on your makeup.