The Challenges And Benefits Of Student Travel

posted: 08/24/16
by: Ashley Lauretta
student travel

When it comes to planning student travel for your child, there are a number of hurdles to overcome. It can be a challenge to fund the trip and make a solid plan about how long you are comfortable with them being away from home.

It is not just parents facing challenges, however, as teachers are often discouraged from planning trips. According to insight provided by Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA) research, the Student & Youth Travel Digest (SYTD), financial resources are the biggest hurdle that must be overcome, along with administrative limitations and risk management.

Additionally, lack of scholarship programs for student travel can be a burden. Especially, as the SYTA found that twenty-five percent of student trips are covered by fundraising.

If you are able to overcome these obstacles, however, it has been found that student travel can have a number of benefits on a child. Children can not only gain social skills, but also comprehension skills as they work to retain the information learned on the trip.

The biggest benefit noted in the SYTD was a child's increased willingness to know, learn and explore. Teachers also report that they see their students gain confidence and see a rise in independence, while they also note they are more collaborative and sensible.

Time out of the classroom and learning in a hands-on environment, either domestically or internationally, can help your child learn to adapt to new situations and learn to be respectful of new authority figures and other cultures, as well.