The Brilliant Parenting Trick You Should Copy From Will (and Kate) ASAP

posted: 07/26/16
by: Blythe Copeland
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Kensington Royal

When kids are little, it's natural for most parents to bend down to interact with them: To sit on the floor and play, help support them while they stand, or assist them while they learn to sit. But getting down on your child's level when they start talking is just as important -- a move Prince William and Duchess Catherine have perfected with Prince George.

Whether kneeling down at the Royal International Air Tattoo show, Princess Charlotte's christening, or the Taronga Zoo in Australia, William is well-practiced at staying face-to-face with his son. Child development expert Gill Connell told People.com this technique called is "active listening," and it's a key way parents can help their little ones feel important and understood.

Cameras have caught Kate doing this, too -- especially during the Obamas' visit to England.

Prince George meets The President and First Lady of the United States.

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She's also had plenty of practice getting down to eye-level with kids she meets at public events and activities.

Even Prince Harry is well-versed in how to make kids feel special.

A little cinderella ? #RoyalVisitNZ

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But there may be one member of the royal family with a slightly different attitude: Queen Elizabeth was quick to remind William to stand up when he knelt down with George during the Trooping the Colour ceremony in June.