The Bridal Buddy May Just Be the Answer to Brides’ Prayers

posted: 03/25/16
by: Amanda Mushro

For so many brides, your wedding dress is something you dream about for years. You imagine what it will look like, how you'll feel in that beautiful gown, and you imagine the moment you find "the dress." Hopefully it's a lot like all those lucky brides on "Say Yes to the Dress," as they whirl around in lace and satin with their friends and moms getting teary-eyed in the background.

But how many brides actually consider how they'll use the ladies' room in their beautiful ball gowns? Brides-to-be may want to also say yes to the Bridal Buddy. This undergarment, designed for brides, is gaining a lot of attention online for seeming like a crazy idea, but upon closer look, it's a crazy-genius idea.

Heather Stanlake, the creator of Bridal Buddy, wrote on the company's website "Listen, going to the bathroom in your bridal gown is a struggle. Who wants five girls in the bathroom stall with you while you get your biz done? No. Bride. Ever." So rather than rounding up all of your bridesmaids to help lift and hold your dress, The Bridal Buddy does it for you.

You wear the Bridal Buddy under your dress like a slip, and when nature's calls, you lift your dress up and bag it into the undergarment. Fancy armholes and cords help keep your dress up without any help from your bridesmaids. Looks like getting bridesmaids to sign on for your big day just got a whole lot easier.

Just watch this video and see the genius at work.