The Best Wines to Serve With Turkey

posted: 11/22/16
by: Katie Morton
Thanksgiving Wine

The decadence of a Thanksgiving dinner demands delicious wine. According to sommeliers, there's not one "right wine" to pair with poultry. In fact, the star of the Thanksgiving show--that golden roast bird--is a culinary blank canvas when it comes to wine pairings.

While the turkey itself pairs wonderfully with many varietals, the flavor profiles of your side dishes will influence your individual wine choices. One bottle won't cover it all, so here are a variety of diverse options to serve with your fabulous feast.

1. Start With Bubbles

Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut Ros? ($29)

Greet your guests with bubbles to start your meal off with celebratory flair. You may opt to pour sparkling wine for a pre-dinner toast or serve throughout the meal. Bubbles also complement rich, buttery desserts beautifully.

A sparkling ros? is just as gorgeous in the glass as it is on the palate. The winemaker's tasting notes for the Mirabelle Brut Rose boast "generous aromas of raspberry compote, strawberry, cherry and currant. Bright, bursting flavors of cherry and wild raspberry are complimentary to the aromas." Yes, please!

2. Crowd-Pleasing Pinot Noir

2014 Overlook Pinot Noir ($25)

Pinot Noir is often cited by food critics as the best red pairing for the Thanksgiving meal. Pinot Noir is a drinkable red with soft tannins, but has some acidity to balance savory dishes. Pinot Noir's herbal notes pair nicely with the earthy bouquet of traditional Thanksgiving flavors--sage, thyme, and fennel.

3. Fruity Flavorful Riesling

2104 Standing Stone Riesling ($14)

Riesling is a refreshing, aromatic white that will please everyone from wine neophytes to serious oenophiles. Dry Rieslings have low sugar content and a slight mineral taste which makes all food taste better.

4. Crisp Chardonnay

Toad Hollow 2014 Unoaked Chardonnay ($15)

If you enjoy white wine, no doubt you're familiar with Chardonnay. Chardonnay's the most popular white because it's drinkable, delicious, and pairs with tons of different foods. Unoaked Chardonnay is the best option to pair with savory Thanksgiving dishes, since an overly oaked variety may compete with robust flavors.

5. Vibrant Grenache

Yalumba Old Bush Vine Grenache ($20)

Garnet-hued Grenache pairs well with both roast turkey and sugary side dishes. The slightly higher alcohol content of this rich red cuts the sweetness of even the most marshmallow-laden casserole. Up the savory factor by using a splash of this red to braise turkey legs, and then make a sauce from the drippings.

No matter which wines you pour with your family's Thanksgiving meal, know that the "best" wine is simply a matter of your own taste. Pick the bottles you enjoy drinking the most, and your guests will enjoy them, too. Cheers to your family this Thanksgiving!