The Best Ways to Spoil a Bride at Her Bridal Shower

posted: 05/18/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Girls kissing girl

If you're planning a bridal shower, there's two rules to always follow. One, no one wants to play the toilet paper bridal gown game. NO ONE. And two, this day is all about the bride-to-be. Before you make a single party decision, here are a few ways to show the bride you adore her and make her feel extra special at her shower.

Make it a surprise

Your bride already has a lot on her plate between deciding every detail for her big day and managing all the personalities in her family and her fiance's. So when it comes to her shower, don't let her lift a finger. If you have a type-A bride, it might be hard for her to release all the decisions to those planning, so share some details, keep her suggestions in mind, and remind her how amazing her shower day will be.

Make it personal

There are so many themes for bridal showers, but for this special day, really think about what your bride-to-be would love. This might be a nontraditional shower or one from the pages of a bridal magazine. Either way, it should be all about the bride. That means selecting her favorite foods and treats, a venue she'll adore, and personalized decor.

Make sure to take care of her

As your bride mingles with guests, make sure she takes the time to eat the food you've carefully selected and has a drink to sip in between chatting with everyone. Even if that means following her around with a champagne flute, have a bridesmaid or family member assigned to making sure she enjoys her day.

Make sure she has fun

There is a great divide when it comes to wedding shower games--some people love them and others loathe them. Look to your bride on this one. If she's not a big gamer player, entertain guests with a wine tasting, a fun dessert bar, or have everyone stories about the couple. If you'd think she'd like a game, play a classic Newlyweds-style game that allows her fiance to be involved, too.

Make gift organization easy

As your bride opens gifts, track who gave each gift to make her thank you cards easier. And, do her one better by making sure to keep track of any gift receipts in case she gets multiples of an item or wants to return a gift.

Make sure to document the day

Put someone in charge of picture-taking and record moments like toasts given or stories shared about the bride. Your wedding gift could be these pictures and videos.

Make her exit easy

When it comes to cleaning up, assign someone to pack up the gifts, someone to remind her to say her thank yous before the party ends, and someone to send leftovers to her house. That way, your bride can head home to bask in the glow of her shower day without having to do any work.