The Best Day of the Week to Weigh Yourself + More Health Facts We Learned This Week

posted: 04/29/16
by: Mara Betsch
Weight Loss on Scale

There are useful bits of health research appearing each and every day, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up on the latest studies. That's why we're summarizing all the latest and greatest health news -- so you can live your healthiest life! Here are the best things we learned about health this week.

Weigh yourself on Wednesdays

Brian Wansink, director of the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University and author of "Slim by Design," points out that we tend to weigh the most on Sundays (after a weekend full of eating and drinking), and, after a week of trying to undo our weekend feasts, we typically weigh the least on Friday mornings. So, he observes that Wednesdays typically give an accurate depiction of your typical weight.

Keep laundry pods away from kids

Turn your back for a second, and you can just about guarantee your child will get into anything in sight. But a recent study found a troubling trend. Between 2012 and 2013, there were about 17,000 calls to the U.S. poison control centers about children who had ingested laundry detergent pods (that's about 46 per day!). Because of their bright colors, the packages tend to look like candy, which appeals to younger children. If you use these pods, be sure to put them out of reach, or consider switching to traditional detergent, which is less visually appealing.

Draw a picture to improve memory

As Time article reports, a recent study found that drawing is a great way to improve memory. The researchers did a number of trials, asking participants to read a word and either draw the word, write the word, list its characteristics, or visualize it. Every time, drawing prompted the most accurate recall of information. We guess doodling in that meeting isn't so bad, after all!

A more intense workout may be better

The New York Times reported on a study that found that one minute of heart-racing, all-out exercise could be better than 45 minutes of moderate activity. So sprinting down the block may have the same health benefits of casually pedaling on the ellitical for 45? According to the study in PLOS One, that's exactly what the researchers found! It may be time to rethink your workout routine.

Go ahead, buy the uglier fruit

According to NPR, the bruised and battered fruit may be healthier! A 2014 study found that these blemishes may show how successful the fruit was at warding off pests, usually relying on their antioxidant defenses to fight off these environmental assaults.