The Best (and Prettiest) Calendars for an Organized 2016

posted: 12/29/15
by: Mara Betsch
Businesswoman looking empty notebook pages on wooden desk

In order to achieve all your new year's resolutions -- like a weekly date night and spending less on groceries -- you may want to invest in one of these beautiful calendars and organizers. We've got a lovely design for everyone, from DIYers to gadget-obsessives, so that you can schedule to your heart's content. Check out these six awesome calendars.

For the woman who can make anything

This beautiful dry erase board calendar, from Darling Doodles Design, is a great way to manage an ever-changing schedule.

For the aspiring artist

A new take on the photo calendar, this beautiful designed work of art allows you to upload photos and place them on mini clipboards (or even clips nailed to the wall). Though it doesn't offer all the functionality as an app, it's perfect for those favoring minimalist designs. Artifact Uprising, $29.99

For the person with their iPhone glued to their hand

Download the Sunrise Calendar app, which syncs with Google calendar, iCloud, and Exchange, includes Facebook events and birthdays, and connects with all your favorite apps.

sunrise calendar app

For the person in need of a functional family calendar

This lovely chalkboard magnet design from the 36th Avenue definitely takes some work, but it absolutely pays off. Not only can you encourage kids to add their events, but you can also leave tickets, signed report cards, and other papers attached to it with magnets.

For the person who hates staring at a screen

This gorgeous "do everything" planner has a classic calendar as well as an hour-by-hour schedule, space for to-do notes, and tips and inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout the pages. Plus who wouldn't want to carry this pretty planner in your bag? Emily Ley daily planner, $58

For the frugal planner

Blooming Homestead created these pretty printable calendars and made them available on her site for free! With three different designs to choose from, splurge on some high-quality paper and add these to your wall or a binder to carry around.