The Bachelor’s Nick Viall Shares His Favorite Moments from Love At First Kiss

posted: 08/31/16
by: Korenne Smith

Josh Kisses Emily's Hair

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Josh kisses Emily's hair.

Congratulations to ABC's new Bachelor, Nick Viall! Yesterday, Bachelor Nation heard the news that this handsome stud is no longer just a runner-up. We can't wait to see Nick find love on the new season of the show.

If you've been following "Love at First Kiss," you know that Nick has been a loyal fan from the beginning and he live-tweets each episode. We asked Nick a few questions about his favorite "Love At First Kiss" moments and any advice he can share for those looking for love on TV.

What was the hottest kiss so far on Love At First Kiss?

It's hard to say. The show is so raw with the sounds of the kiss I'm not sure if I thought any of them were super hot!

What was the most awkward kiss so far on Love At First Kiss?

I love Josh. But, basically everyone of his kisses so far have been awkward. But, he is coming along.

Who would you want to kiss from Love At First Kiss?

I thought Ashley was pretty attractive. Does she like guys too?

Which couple has the most long-term potential?

Alex and his girl. I think Alex does a great some of showing confidence, while at the same time willing to be vulnerable. I think that is the key. I think they have a pretty good shot.

You've kissed women on TV. How has your technique changed over time?

I really don't think it has changed too much. I think the most important thing about kissing is to pay attention to the person you are kissing. You don't want to be overly aggressive or overly passive. Each person is different and people kiss differently. Pay attention to someone's energy or vibe that they give off. That's the best place to start.

How do you handle your dating life being public? Any suggestions for the couples on the show?

I think the best thing to do is try not to do too much. It's really only different if you make it different. I always tried to remain level-headed about how the show impacts my life. In most of the cases if I didn't let it be a factor, not much would change.

What's your advice for others finding love on TV?

There is no denying the excitement being on TV can bring. I think it's ok to be excited about all the fun things that could happen as a result of being onTV. At the same time, many people become incredibly self-conscious about how they will come across and edit themselves by being very careful about what they say. It's understandable that this happens but it doesn't allow people to truly be themselves. It's hard to to find love anywhere if you are not always the same person in different situations.

What have you learned about yourself being on ABC's The Bachelorette?

It's ok to make mistakes. The most important part about making mistakes is owning up to them so that you have an opportunity to learn from them.

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