The Bachelor’s Erica Rose Shares Kissing Advice for Sticky Scenarios

posted: 08/12/16
by: Korenne Smith

Josh Gets Advice from Kissing Coach Erica Rose

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Erica Rose from "The Bachelor" teaches Josh the finer points of kissing.

Erica Rose made quite the impression on the last episode of TLC's "Love At First Kiss." Thanks to her expertise, Josh, a kissing novice, finally had a successful kiss after two other disastrous attempts. You can watch that special moment here! As a kissing expert, Erica guided Josh through the dos and don'ts of kiss etiquette. And, it made all the difference!

So, we asked her to share more tips and tricks for all of the lovers out there. Read what Erica Rose recommends for you to do when you are preparing to lock lips and are in a sticky scenario!

Your kissing partner has bad breath. They lean in to kiss you. What do you do?

I always try to avoid this situation by popping a gum or a mint myself and then offering one to them hoping that they take the hint! Sometimes they don't but usually your own fresh breath can compensate. (My favorite flavor is cinnamon FYI not mint because it tastes too much like toothpaste.) Once it gets to the point where they are going in for a kiss with bad breath though, it's tricky. I would tough it out and give them a little kiss. Then, pull away and make some conversation to distract them. Then, offer them a gum or a mint while you eat one yourself so it doesn't seem offensive.

Your date kisses with way too much tongue. You become turned off, but you like them as a person. What do you do?

I've had that happen! That's why I told Josh on "Love at First Kiss" a little tongue but not too much is ideal. If you just start closing your mouth, and only opening it when you want to receive the tongue, they will get the point. You can do other fun things like playfully bite their lip (not too hard) to distract them away from the tongue action.

Your mate wants to kiss for hours in public. Whether you are out to dinner, at the movies, or even the grocery store, they are down to make out at the slightest provocation. If you are a more private person, what do you do?

I'm usually the one that doesn't have so much of a problem with PDA. However, I get that others do. You should be honest, but say it in a sweet way like, "I love kissing you, but I get so turned on that I would rather it be in private." That way they will be flattered and not offended!

You've just applied a fresh coat of lipstick when your partner leans in for kiss. What do you do?

This always happens! It is okay to go ahead and kiss. Then, wipe it off of them in a sexy way! Most guys will not mind this. After all, they don't want to be walking around looking like a clown with lipstick on their face! You don't want to ruin the moment by looking for a tissue and wiping your lipstick off ahead of time.

You're on a first date and your partner gets "hands-y" while kissing you. You don't want to stop kissing, but just want to take things slower. What do you do?

Grab their hands and hold them. In the past, I've even set boundaries like, "No hand below the waist!" Usually, the partner will respect this and, if they don't, then they are not the right person for you anyway. A respectful person will respect your boundaries, especially if you're honest. You can take things slow without completely turning off the heat!

You're on a first date and totally not into the person! You start hoping that they won't kiss you. What do you do when it is the end of the night and kissing seems like a possibility?

At this point, if you can escape from their car or wherever fast, then it can prevent it from happening! Also, you can always turn your head and let them kiss you on the cheek. If they ask why, you can just say, "I don't kiss on the first date," - whether or not that is true. Kisses should be special and you should never waste them on someone that you're just not into!

Erica Rose from the Bachelor and Love At First Kiss
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Erica Rose has appeared on The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad and VH1's "You're Cut Off!". Recently, she was hired as a kissing expert for TLC's new reality show "Love at First Kiss."
Erica Rose
Erica Rose has appeared on The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad and VH1's "You're Cut Off!". Recently, she was hired as a kissing expert for TLC's new reality show "Love at First Kiss."

She is also the director of business development at The Gentry Law Group, specializing in Family Law. She works with her fiancee Galen Gentry and they are expecting their first child together in September.