The Awesome Reason Emma Watson is Taking a Year Off from Acting

posted: 02/24/16
by: Courtney Reimer

Emma Watson has come a long way since her Hogwart's days as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. She's gone from acting to academia, studying at an Ivy League university (Brown) and Oxford in England, graduating with a degree in English Literature.

And now she's taking on the not-so-small issue of gender equality in a really big way.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and I at Davos World Economic Forum last week #heforshe

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In an interview with Paper magazine, she explained to famed feminist author Bell Hooks that she wants to take the next year to focus completely on the work she's putting into the issue of gender inequality, particularly when it comes to equal pay and equal rights. (If you haven't read the text of her HeForShe speech at the United Nations, you must do so now.) She's started a "feminist book club" that's going to become something of a full-time job for the coming year.

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"I'm taking a year away from acting to focus on two things, really," Watson told hooks. "My own personal development is one...My own personal task is to read a book a week, and also to read a book a month as part of my book club."

She's also on a mission to help everyone understand what feminism really is -- saying women and men are equal -- and not to be afraid of it.

"I don't know if it's really understood how much misunderstanding and how little understanding there is around this word -- and around these ideas -- still for a huge amount of people," she said in the Paper interview.

You go, girl (I mean woman)!