The Armpit Hair Trend You Never Saw Coming

posted: 07/22/15
by: Courtney Reimer

If the idea of an armpit hair trend even in theory leaves you perplexed, you'd probably better sit down for this one. The New York Times recently reported that there's a new hot style for armpit hair: having it dyed in colors not commonly found in nature. Yes, you read that right: women are growing out their armpit hair and dying it in the various colors of the rainbow.

Miley Cyrus brought it to broader attention a few months ago when she posted a photo of herself with pink armpit hair, but it turns out on Instagram accounts like Free Your Pits, women have been using armpit hair as a feminist statement for some time now. Pretty fascinating that body hair could be so powerful!

Here are a few that caught our eye (though, let's be honest: any brightly colored armpit hair is bound to catch our eye):

Hells yes! I am coloring my pits, right now!? #freeyourpits

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One woman's Free Your Pits story, on the blog today. #freeyourpits #feminism #bodypositivity

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Blue hair don't care #ladypithair #dyedpithair #feminism #freeyourpits

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