The Answers to the Top 5 Fashion Questions of 2015

posted: 12/30/15
by: Mara Betsch
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At TLC, we like to think we know a little bit about the fashion world. With style experts like Stacy London from "Love, Lust or Run" and Clinton Kelly from "Love at First Swipe" and bridal fashion experts Monte Durham, Lori Allen, and Randy Fenoli from "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta" we've got plenty of people with strong opinions on what to wear, and it seems like you've got a of questions.

According to a trends report from Google, these are the top five fashion questions of 2015. We've done our research and provided our best advice for these tricky fashion issues.

How do you walk in heels?

Stacy London is a huge shoe fanatic, stating "The higher the heel, the closer to God." In fact, she's had to cap herself at 300 pairs. And when she reaches her quota, she gives them away. Steal her best trick for walking in stilettos all day -- slip in a pair of insoles! You'll be able to walk without experiencing any discomfort.

But besides that, the key to walking in heels is to first make sure you have the right fit. If you shoe is too big or two small, you're already putting yourself at a disadvantage. Also, to walk comfortably, aim for a heel that's four inches or shorter -- anything higher may shorten your stride.

Then, when it's time to strut your stuff, walk heel to toe, keep your center of balance by leaning back ever so slightly, and arch your foot. With confidence and a killer smile, no one will be looking at your shoes anyway!

What should I wear to the first day of school?

When in doubt, go with a classic look: well-fitted, dark denim and a button-down shirt (Stacy swears that white and floral patterns NEVER go out of style). And don't worry about labels! "Buy the best quality you can afford, have those pieces tailored so they fit you like a glove, and replicate the outfits you see at more expensive stores. It really boils down to fit," Clinton Kelly told Redeye.com.

We know this sounds boring, but with simple pieces like these (a basic A-line dress or skirt could work, too), you can accessorize with your favorite booties, a new pair of earrings, or neon belt. The key is choosing pieces that fit and that make you feel comfortable.

How do I fray jeans?

There are many ways to get the ripped, boyfriend-style denim look, but the most important tools are a sharp pair of fabric scissors and a seam ripper (although some places swear by sand paper and other tools). Erica Domesek of P.S.: I Made This told Fashionista.com that the key to the perfect fray is starting with clean denim, cutting and even line, an then using a seam ripper to pull cotton fibers from the cut hem to give it a more natural look.

How do I tie a shirt?

When Vogue tells you to do something, we guess it's a trend. Instead of tucking in your shirt, and dealing with all the issues that go along with that, try tying it. There are so many ways to tie a shirt, but the fashion magazine suggests that you take the extra fabric of a shirt (this doesn't work as well for button downs, but more on that later) and twist it into a tight ball, either by your hip bones or by the small of your back. Fasten the fabric with a small elastic band, hiding the knot from sight.

For button-down shirts, try a different tactic. First, make sure the shirt is slightly big -- a fitted shirt won't provide enough fabric for this to work. Next, unbutton enough buttons at the bottom so that the knot will hit at the waistband of your pants or skirt. Tie the shirt ends into a knot that hits approximately at the first fastened button, keeping the knot tight enough to define your waist without making it so tight that the sides of the shirt are pulling.

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What should a bride wear to the rehearsal dinner?

This is a tricky one, especially because brides come in different shapes and sizes. The first thing to consider is the venue -- will your rehearsal dinner be at a country club or in your in-law's backyard? Either way, a comfortable dress is always the right choice. And whereas your bridal gown will probably be more classic, the rehearsal dinner is the place to be more in line with trends (although this may not be the place for a crop top).

While you definitely don't have to wear white, lots brides opt for this lighter color. But if you're saving white for your big day, other pastels such as lavender, mint green, or peach, are especially flattering. You could also tie in one of the colors from your reception palate. Just steer clear of black -- you're the bride, and you'll want to stand out.

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As far as cut and style goes, you can't go wrong with an A-line silhouette, but the important thing is that you're comfortable at night. And just remember Lori Allen's bridal commandment: Though shalt not let the bride overshop. "It's easy to talk yourself out of the right dress if you keep on shopping for new and different styles. Don't chalk it up to being indecisive. Trust your gut when you find a dress you love," the dress shop owner says.