The 90 Day Fiance Moments We Can’t Stop Talking About

posted: 11/20/16
by: Rebecca Goldberg

90 Day Fiance Rewind: Season 4, Ep. 13

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The 90-days are done and each couple must decide if they will say, "I do," or say goodbye.

From keying cars and catfishing, to secret engagements and smashing food in one another's faces, Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance kept us on our toes.

Join us as we take a stroll back through some of our favorite 90 Day Fiance OMG moments before tonight's Finale and Tell-All at 8/7c!


That time we found out Matt's already been married:
Oh yeah, 3 times!
Alla's only been married once but still his friends don't trust her.


That time we learned you can buy love.
Or, at least, Anfisa's.
And if you can't afford it, this happens.


That time we found out Lowo catfished Narkyia:
With, ya know, some mildly serious lies.
But he still claims to be trustworthy.


That time Nicole revealed she had cheated on Azan before visiting Moracco:
Seriously, we did not see that coming!
Especially after seeing this.


That time Jorge confessed to having a criminal record:
Something you might wanna tell someone before they move across the world for you.
Especially when it causes this to happen.


That time Matt's bestie Patrick put Alla in the hot seat, yet again:
"What's love got to do with it?"
See how Alla handled this showdown.


That time Anfisa bared it all:
But, not for Jorge.
And then came the trust issues.


That time Chantel and Pedro revealed they were actually engaged:
This is why they kept it under wraps.


That time Azan told Nicole he wants her to change:
...after he proposed


That time he specified exactly what he wanted her to change:
Did this make you cringe as much as we did?


That time Anfisa picked out a $25k wedding dress:
But that's a steal compared to the $300k ring!
Check out the ring bling that stole the season.
While you're at it, check out the dress.


That time Matt had the most awkward bachelor party ever:
And what an interesting outfit choice...


That time we found out Lowo had recently been talking to his ex:
I scream, you scream... Narkyia screams and smacks Lowo with her ice cream.


That time... wait, we need to see that again:
It wasn't always like this--or was it?


That time Jorge asked Anfisa what we'd all been wondering:
No surprise there.
This is what she expects him to pay for.


That time Anfisa asked Jorge a question we already knew the answer to:
Best comeback question ever.


That time Jorge's sister held nothing back:


So, there you have it. From meeting online to arriving in America, these couples have been on--and taken us on-- an emotional rollercoaster.

Considering so much of what they've gone through, you might be surprised they even made it this far.
Yep, we know what you're thinking:


So, will all the couples make it to the altar and beyond?

Guess we'll find out!


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