The 5 Toxic Products You Should NEVER Use in Your Home

posted: 07/09/18
by: Kristine Boyd

When you spill something on the floor, you quickly reach under the counter, grab some cleaning spray and wipe it up without a thought of what you are using. For years, we have been using toxic products that were advertised as a way to keep toxic things out of our homes. We are here to debunk some common misconceptions about household products and tell you which ones you should never use in your home!

  1. Air Fresheners

You know those things that make your home smell pretty? That pleasant smell is actually polluting your air! This may be hard to hear because so many of us love a good-smelling home. However, air fresheners release chemicals into the air that you breathe, making it impossible to avoid the harsh repercussions. Instead, try using essential oils to scent your home the safe way!

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  1. Countertop Cleaner

When you take a look at the ingredients on the back of your countertop cleaner, it makes you wonder how safe that is to be around your family. These products use massive, and unnecessary, amounts of chemicals that are left all around your home. When shopping for these products, a good rule of thumb is to find the one with the least amount of ingredients on the back or make a DIY cleaner!

  1. Antibacterial Soap

It can be shocking that a soap that is supposed to kill bacteria is actually harmful. Triclosoan and triclorcarbon are two extremely harsh chemicals that you want to look out for when purchasing your soap. These ingredients can have a negative effect on your skin and the environment!

  1. Non-Stick Cookware

While not spending hours cleaning your pans is nice, so is not having harsh chemicals in all the food you cook. Non-stick ware is made with polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a word long enough to scare anyone away from using this deceiving kitchen tool. These chemicals release when the pan is heated which is what cause it to penetrate your food and not stick to the pan. This is definitely not something you want to put in your body!



  1. Mothballs

We are sorry to break it to you, but moth balls are one of the worst offenders on this list. The main ingredient, Naphthalene, has been proven to destroy red blood cells and cause cancer in animals. This is definitely a product you don't want near your household! Try making all natural ones instead!

While some of these products are convenient and reliable for getting the job done, the negatives out way the positives. Eliminating these 5 products from your home and replacing them more natural solutions will make your household a much safer environment for you and your family!