The 5 Best Workouts For Nature Lovers

posted: 03/29/16
by: Ashley Lauretta
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  • Enjoy the fresh air!
    Enjoy the fresh air!
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    Think Outside the Gym

    Spring is here and summer is not too far behind. With longer days and plenty of sunshine to go around, you and your workouts don’t have to hide out in the gym anymore. Of course, you can go for a walk or jog, but these outdoor workouts are a bit more creative.

    We have rounded up five of the best outdoor workouts that will take you from the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between. Make a pact to try something new this year and you may be surprised to find a new favorite sport along the way.

  • You can even start indoors.
    You can even start indoors.
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    Rock Climbing

    This is a great way to get in an upper body workout and appreciate the sweeping views offered from new heights. If you have never tried rock climbing before, you can always start indoors at a rock gym to learn how the gear works and get some experience under your belt. However, you can find an outdoor rock climbing instructor to teach you the ropes -- all-around singles are the go-to ropes for most beginners -- and get you moving up in the world of climbing.

  • Get down and dirty.
    Get down and dirty.
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    Boot Camp

    The new trend in fitness is boot camp classes, thanks to gyms such as Camp Gladiator and Barry’s Bootcamp. To enjoy the sun and warm weather that comes with the spring and summer months, look for a local boot camp that is held outside. Not only will you get a good workout in while enjoying the great outdoors, you can gain workout buddies who live nearby the local park where sessions are held. Before your first workout, check what you need to bring, as many outdoor bootcamps require you bring a yoga mat and a small set of weights.

  • The perfect activity for your beach trip.
    The perfect activity for your beach trip.
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    Sand Volleyball

    If you are more likely to spend your days off at the beach, why not try a game of sand volleyball? Grab some friends to start a game or even join in a local league to advance your skills. Bonus? Running on the sand is more intense workout than running on pavement (and softer on your joints!) so when you have to run up to the net for that spike, you’re getting a full body workout in!

  • A new kind of water sport.
    A new kind of water sport.
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    Stand-up Paddleboard

    If you love kayaking, you’ll want to give riding a stand-up paddleboard a try. The paddleboard looks a bit like a surfboard you stand on and control with a single paddle. First-timers can choose to ride while on their knees if balance is an issue, but standing while riding is a great core workout as you stay afloat. If you need a break, just take a seat and dangle your legs in the water to cool down. Check your local lake for rentals, as you’ll often find them at the same place you can rent kayaks and canoes.

  • Tackle the mountain.
    Tackle the mountain.
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    Mountain Biking

    If you’re a fan of biking on the roads, take the difficulty up a notch and try hitting the trails. Parks often have some trail riding opportunities, and if you are really a pro, be on the lookout for single tracks in the area (narrow trails about the width of the bike). Be sure to outfit yourself with a helmet and a mountain bike -- as opposed to a bike without gears, which could make the ride almost too difficult -- and watch out for exposed roots or anything that could cause a crash.