The 5 Best Moments from the ‘Sister Wives’ Season Finale

posted: 11/16/15
by: TLCme

What makes us love the Brown family is their ability to take us on an emotional roller coaster, with laughter and tears, highs and lows, and periods of joy followed by periods of sadness. This season's finale was packed with plenty of OMG moments -- see the five most memorable ones:

1. Logan doesn't want to be a polygamist

Maddie has always been vocal about wanting to be in a monogamous relationship, but it was interesting to hear that Logan wasn't into it either. We really get to know Logan's girlfriend Michelle for the first time, and they seem very happy together. But it seems like they're still in the beginning phases of their relationship so don't expect another engagement soon!


2. When Christine compared the dog sled team to the sister wives

While Kody and Janelle went fishing, Christine, Robyn and Meri went to meet Nick, a dog trainer who preps his pups for the Iditarod, Alaska's biggest dog sled race. In one of the episode's best comedic moments, Christine compares the way Nick treats "his bitches" to the way Kody treats the sister wives. We loved seeing the way the ladies find humor in their family dynamic.

3. When Caleb asked Kody to marry Maddie

If you were able to stop yourself from shedding a few tears when Caleb asked Kody's permission to propose to Maddie, more power to you, but we were reaching for the box of tissues. When the nervous young man began to describe how he felt about Maddie saying "I never thought there was going to be anyone out there for me. She's truly the best thing that's happened to me," even Kody let his guard down.

4. When the smell of the fish is too much for Robyn

After a big day of fishing, Caleb helps the family prepare some freshly-caught salmon for dinner. The smell, however, proves to be a bit much for pregnant Robyn. Anyone who's ever been pregnant knows just how heightened your sense of smell becomes, and it's no surprise that Robyn makes a beeline for the restroom ASAP.

5. Meri's emotional breakdown

Earlier this year, news broke that Meri had been catfished by a woman pretending to be a man, but this episode was the first time Meri brought it up. In an emotional moment, Meri revealed that she had been extremely lonely, so she began talking to people online and struck up a relationship with someone who really made her trust him. It started as a great friendship and she was confused by the feelings she was developing for this person. When it was revealed that this person was, in fact, a woman, and had been deceiving Meri, she was understandably embarrassed and had a difficult time explaining it to her family. "They don't know what I brought into the family," she said tearfully. "Don't be surprised if I up and am gone," she says, much to the dismay and confusion of her sister wives and Kody.

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