The 15 Things Every Woman Hates About Putting on Makeup

posted: 12/28/15
by: Mara Betsch
things girls hate about makeup

If beauty is pain, then most ladies are masochists. Beyonce may have woken up like this, but for most of us, looking good takes a little bit of time in the bathroom. And popular beauty vlogger Rachel Levin knows all about the things we put ourselves through just to look -- and feel -- our best. That's why she created this hilarious, and very honest, video about the 15 things we all despise about makeup. Read through her list, let us know if you have any to add, and watch her truthful video.

1. Matte liquid lipsticks chap your lips for days.

2. Mascara bristles aren't kind to your eyes.

3. Your base makeup always comes off when you blow your nose.

4. If you drop your compact, your powder/blush will completely shatter.

5. If you forget to twist your lipstick down before you put the cap back on = disaster.

6. Powder contouring always shows up in front of a flash.

7. Lipstick always gets on your teeth.

8. You can never get your eyeliner thickness to match.

9. Your concealer creases and makes you look 20 years older.

10. It takes 2 hours to clean all your brushes.

11. Eyeshadow always gets over your face.

12. False eyelashes always fall off.

13. One tear can ruin eye makeup.

14. One mistake can ruin an hour's worth of makeup.

15. You always need more than one makeup wipe.