The 10 Craziest and Most Creative ‘Cake Boss’ Cakes

posted: 08/14/15
by: Mara Betsch

What makes "Cake Boss" so fun to watch is the fact that Buddy Valastro never shies away from a difficult assignment. No cake is too big and no theme is too difficult. Everyone at Carlo's Bakery is dedicated to making the biggest, baddest baked goods possible. Are some of them bigger than your kitchen? Yep! Are some of them over-the-top? Of course? Are some so crazy you think Buddy's team might be, too? You betcha! But that's why Buddy's cakes are so unique. And though it was tough, we picked out 10 of his best cakes from the past few years.

Feast your eyes on these and be sure to watch "Cake Boss" Tuesday nights for more.

1. A submarine cake that will impress the navy

2. When your cake needs icicles and acorns

3. A cake fit for a T-Rex

4. Sharks in a cake -- why not?

5. A flying cake -- how hard could that be?

6. Calling all shopaholics

7. Dogs need wedding cakes, too

8. A cake that'll make you scream...with delight

9. They built a lean, mean cake machine

10. And, of course, a cake fit for a little "Cake Boss"