The 10 Best Gifts for New Babies Guaranteed to be Cherished for Many Years to Come

posted: 04/14/15
by: Sarah Fernandez
The 10 Best Gifts for New Babies
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How to give a memorable gift

Whether you have children or not, picking out the perfect gift for a new little bundle of joy is often a daunting task. Besides the fact that there are so very many options out there, you want to know that the gift is both useful and that it has longevity, particularly when it's for someone you are very close to. All of those adorable little baby outfits are so tempting, but they don't last for long so when you're looking to make a lasting impression, try one of these new baby gifts that are sure to stand the test of time. (Rag & Bone Growth Chart, $16.)

Capture Baby's Growth from Day One

The thing about babies is that they grow so fast, and it starts the moment they are born! Before you know it they're sitting up, crawling, walking, and pretty soon they're off to kindergarten. Help mom and dad keep track of their new little one's growth with a growth chart. It can be mounted on a more sturdy surface or attached to a wall with poster mounts, and because it's made of paper it rolls up nice and compactly to tuck away with other baby keepsakes.

It's Never Too Early to Start Saving

From the moment they are born, babies require a lot of money -- so it's never to early to start saving, whether it be for that special toy they want down the line or the more important college education. A piggy bank--or elephant bank like this one from Jonathan Adler--is a great gift that gets baby's savings off to a good start and is sure to come in handy as a place to store his or her earnings from future chores, lemonade stands, or grandparents' good will. (Jonathan Adler Elephant Bank, $78-88.)

Traveling in Style

Whether baby is getting dropped off at daycare, meeting friends at the park, or going to grandma's house, there will be no confusion over which bag is his with a monogrammed tote like this one from Lands' End. And with his or her own travel bag, mom won't have to worry about bogging down her own purse with diaper essentials and changes of clothing. Totes like these never go out of style and are incredibly durable ensuring that they will be used for many years to come. This bag will take baby from diaper changes to sleepovers when he or she gets older. (Land's End Monogrammed Tote, $25.)

Build a Collection of Books

It is just about impossible to have too many books, especially when they are such a crucial teaching tool for young children. Whether you love the classics or have a collection of new favorites, the new little one in your life is sure to enjoy the stories as well. This is also a great way to build a collection for the baby in which you give them a book from the same series or author for each birthday or holiday. Not sure where to start? You can't go wrong with Richard Scarry's classic books covering topics ranging from vehicles large and small to the way houses are built and much, much more. (Richard Scarry Children's Books, $4 to $28)

Capture the Moments

There are no fewer than several hundred photos that are sure to be taken of the wee one throughout its first year of life. Give the family a beautiful personalized photo album in which to display their baby's first photos (well at least the 400 best ones) like this Baby Photo Album from Exposures. You can include up to three lines of personalization such as the baby's name and birth date or just the year, and the photo pages inside can be customized in layout as well based on the photo pages you choose to include. (Exposures Beautiful Baby Photo Album, $79 to $99.)

Baby's Best Buddy

There is nothing quite like the image of a child with their classic Teddy bear by their side. Whether they be snuggled into bed together, dragging the bear by the hand through the house, or prepping a picnic with their favorite friend, every child should have a classic Teddy bear like this one from North American Bear Co. And you too are sure to become one of the child's favorite friends for bringing the two of them together. (North American Bear Co. Ruggles Bear, $25.)

Wrapped in Cuteness

Precious moments are made from little babies wrapped up in snuggly warm towels to make them look like animals after bath time. There are just few things cuter than that. For many parents, while bath time isn't always easy, there is nothing sweeter than that moment when they are holding their freshly bathed bundle of joy all snuggled up in their towel. The hooded towels with animal faces like these organic ones from 3 Sprouts are what make adorable kid photos that are cherished forever, and the kids can actually use them through toddlerhood making them tops on the cute and practical baby gift list. (3 Sprouts Hooded Towels, $36.)

Personalized Meals

Dish up baby food in style with the ceramic personalized divided plate from Pottery Barn Kids. It easily allows parents to keep foods from touching other (ewww!) and is perfectly appropriate for both daily use as well as more formal occasions in the dining room. And when there are siblings involved, it eliminates the possibility of fighting over whose plate is whose. (Pottery Barn Kids Personalized Plate, $52.)

Classic Wooden ABC Blocks

One of baby's first toys when ready to move beyond rattles is blocks. There is nothing quite as fun as stacking them and then knocking them over, and when you choose a set of classic nursery blocks with letters, numbers, pictures, and colors, there are even more opportunities to learn from them. These ABC blocks from Montgomery Schoolhouse are crafted from solid maple in Vermont making them an heirloom quality quintessential childhood toy. (Maple Landmark ABC Blocks, $55.)

Custom Nursery Artwork

Turn baby's birth details into a work of art for the nursery. This modern and colorful birth print by Etsy shop TrendyPeas includes all of baby's birth statistics such as name, birth date, time, weight, and length to make a truly one of kind piece of art to commemorate baby's birth. And it comes in several color combinations to ensure you get just the look you want. This is a gift that is sure to hang prominently in the baby's room well beyond his or her nursery days. (Trendy Peas 16" x 20" Custom Birth Print, $43.)