The One Habit Most Parents Do That Affects Children’s Emotional Health

posted: 06/19/17
by: Kristine Boyd
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There is one habit that 89 percent of parents do that greatly affects their children's health. You might be thinking this habit is along the lines of bribing, fighting or not listening to your child. But it's actually cell phone use. Maybe while your child is eating or playing you scroll through Instagram, text a friend, or make a call. But studies show that, "technoference had a negative effect, even if parents only occasionally pulled out their devices, for instance to respond to a text or listen to a voicemail message," according to Inc.

Living in the digital age, it is no surprise that we are on our phones...a lot. However, we are now understanding the consequences of constant engagement with technology on our children. In a recent research study, 170 two-parent households filled out a survey about their daily life and interactions with their children. Most of the parents who completed the survey admitted to interrupting parenting time to use a digital device at least three time a day.

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According to Inc, "Researchers found a connection between parents who stopped to interact with devices such as phones, tablets, or laptops during time with their children and those children's behavioral problems, including hyperactivity, whining, and tantrums." Since this was a small sample, researchers aren't recommending total elimination of phone use. However, there are a few strategies you can implement into your daily life to help prevent affecting your child's emotional health.

The first tip is to try and eliminate phone use around children as much as possible. One or two phone calls is okay, but try not to scroll through social media for an hour while your child is playing. Maybe you love looking through blog posts while you drink your morning coffee. Just wake up a little earlier to enjoy this time alone.

You also should try to get outdoors as much as you can. Being outside eliminates all technological distractions and is very beneficial to you and your child's mental health. Just doing a few simple things to ensure your child isn't constantly surrounded by technology can make a big difference. Put the phone down and enjoy yourself!

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