THAT Wedding Recap: Marquie and Ryan

posted: 06/20/18
by: Marina Luciano-Carson
Engaged couple, Marquie and Ryan, found love online and are now headed to the altar! With wedding planning in full force, they're discovering that they're not quite seeing eye to eye on their wedding budget. This time, it's Ryan who wants to spare no expense on their big day, while Marquie is looking to cut costs where they can. On TLC's new series I Want THAT Wedding, this engaged couple attended three weddings at the low, medium and high end of their budget to decide what they want to spend on their big day.

Using WeddingWire's Cost Guide, let's take a look at how the wedding expenses featured on the show compare to what couples are spending on their wedding day throughout the country!

At the first wedding, Ryan fell in love with the perfect venue for this All-American man - a replica of the White House! Split between whether to have their wedding indoors or outdoors, this venue had a perfect balance, with the ceremony taking place in the garden, and the reception being held back inside. One way the couple cut costs for this wedding was by having a limited bar, with only two types of beer and wine. While Marquie and Ryan guessed this had to have only cost $500, it actually cost $1,500! This would eat into their catering costs significantly, which averages anywhere from $2,500 in Los Angeles to $10,000 in New York. Although, this wedding took place on a Friday, which is a good way to avoid a Saturday night surcharge.
I Want THAT Wedding
With one wedding under their belt, they headed to their next destination - a movie theater! The bride and groom rolled out the red carpet for their guests, even having paparazzi snapping pictures at the entrance. There were subtle touches throughout the wedding that added to the vintage Hollywood theme, including movie posters designed by the graphic designer groom. Marquie guessed this DIY touch had to have cost the couple at least $600 to create, but the price tag came out to only $185, proving once again that DIY is a great way to save big on your big day! One of the most impressive parts of the wedding was definitely the flower cannons, which Ryan decided they had to have at their own wedding. Marquie worried about spending too much on flowers considering they don't last long and are already expensive. Although the price tag came out to around $800 for both the flowers and the cannon, this is nothing compared to the average cost of flowers in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, or Washington, D.C. which all cost upwards of $1,500! After dancing the night away, it was time to roll the credits and head to the third and final wedding.


THAT Wedding
Last but not least, Marquie and Ryan attended a Great Gatsby themed wedding, set outdoors with a breathtaking view of the mountains. Immediately after the ceremony, they were impressed by the grandeur of the cocktail hour, complete with options from the bar, and finger foods. Although they loved this nice touch for the guests, they decided the price could not have been more than $200. Little did they know, this treat cost the bride and groom $2,000 to provide. After the cocktail hour, the engaged couple headed to the dance floor and Ryan broke it down with his signature moves. They loved the energy of the DJ and thought it had to cost around $1,000 to secure entertainment like this. They weren't far off from the average cost of a DJ in cities like Dallas, where it costs around $950, but prices can shoot all the way up to around $1,600 in more expensive cities like New York.

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