THAT Wedding Recap: Jade and Michael

posted: 06/13/18
by: TLCme

Jade and Michael found love at first sight and now they're headed down the aisle! On the season finale of I Want THAT Wedding, this engaged couple attended three weddings at different price points to decide on the perfect budget for their big day. Michael wanted to keep the big day low-key and DIY with a $20,000 budget while Jade wanted the royal treatment and had no problem with a $40,000 price tag.

With the help of WeddingWire's Cost Guide, we took a look at how the wedding expenses featured on the show compare to what couples are spending on their wedding day throughout the country!

The first wedding was a traditional church ceremony, followed by a stunning reception at a local yacht club. Michael was immediately taken by the bride and groom's entrance on the boat, but he was even more impressed by the limited bar. Wanting to keep costs down, he knew this would be the way to go, but Jade had her heart set on an open bar for their friends. Catering can cost up to $6,000 in cities like Chicago and Washington, DC, and the drinks are a big factor in these prices. However, these newlyweds were able to cut costs in other areas like the DJ and a photographer by having their friends offer these services for free!

Next up, Jade and Michael headed to what was supposed to be a rooftop wedding, but after unexpected rain hit, the ceremony was held in a hotel ballroom. The indoor venue was transformed with the help of a floral archway that the couple knew had to have cost a pretty penny. $5,000 to be exact! Did you know floral arrangements cost an average of $1,200 in Los Angeles and can cost as much as $2,400 in New York? Luckily the couple was able to maximize this cost by using the flowers at both the ceremony and the reception. Now that they got a taste of two different types of ceremonies, it was time for Michael and Jade to head to the last venue.


Fire Dancer
Last stop was a rustic, but romantic outdoor venue complete with a drive down the aisle in a classic car! This venue was love at first sight for Jade, and it only cost $900 to secure this dream location. Because the newlyweds agreed to use the venue for other services like catering, they were able to get a discount on booking the spot. Another item that impressed Michael and Jade was the buffet of high-quality food. This struck a nice balance between a plated dinner and traditional buffet-style catering and only cost the bride and groom $1,620 to serve. Catering costs can range from an average of around $2,500 in places like Los Angeles to $7,000 in cities like Washington, DC so this was a big save for the bride and groom.

Now that you got a sense of the average wedding costs across the country, find out what these weddings actually cost by watching the full episode or by visiting TLC.com/THATWedding.

Want to learn more about how to stay on track with a budget for your big day? WeddingWire's Cost Guide breaks down service costs by vendor type (florists, photographers, caterers, etc.) and geographic location to help couples easily search for vendors within their budget!