THAT Wedding Recap: Isabelle and Dennis

posted: 06/28/18
by: Marina Luciano-Carson
College sweethearts, Isabelle and Dennis, are ready to start their happily ever after, but first they need to decide on a budget! On TLC's new series I Want THAT Wedding, this engaged couple attended three weddings at the high, mid, and low end of their budget to determine whether they wanted to go with Isabelle's costly $60,000 budget to achieve the perfect traditional Vietnamese wedding or skip town and head to Vegas on Dennis' proposed $20,000 budget. With the help of WeddingWire's Cost Guide, we're going to take a look at how the wedding expenses featured on the show compare to what couples are spending on their wedding day throughout the country!

Isabelle and Dennis
First up, a black tie affair that was both parts elegance for Isabelle and Vegas vibes for Dennis. The couple was quickly impressed by the cocktail hour, and Isabelle wondered how much of a price difference there would be between having an open bar versus a limited bar. The wedding planner quickly pointed out that for an open bar you're paying hourly per person. While limited bars are definitely a way to save, the actual cost was double what Dennis guessed, coming out to $4,000. The bride and groom spent a pretty penny on the drinks, considering catering costs an average of $3,150 in big cities like Dallas and $4,526 in cities like Atlanta. Another place the happy couple was able to cut costs on their big day was the cake. They had two cakes - one for the cutting ceremony and a less expensive sheet cake for the guests. Cakes can break that bank, ranging from $500 in Chicago and Atlanta to $540 in New York and Los Angeles. Now that the couple had a tase of a downtown wedding, it was time to head to a more rustic event.
Isabelle and Dennis
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IWTW Isabelle and Dennis
Next up, an outdoor wedding at a breathtaking vineyard. The bride is a wedding planner herself so it's no surprise that this wedding venue was absolutely spectacular! Plus, considering the connections she has with wedding vendors, it's likely she was able to cut a deal on many of the costs like the venue, which often is the biggest splurge for engaged couples. The typical wedding venue can cost around $8,000 in cities like Los Angeles and even go up to as high as $10,000 in cities like New York so any discount helps! After the couple was able to live it up at this modern but romantic affair, they headed to a wedding that had the traditional Vietnamese theme that Isabelle had been hoping for!
Isabelle and Dennis
Last but not least, Isabelle got her wish of attending a traditional Vietnamese wedding. The ceremony was right up her alley, but the real wow factor came from the dress, which she guessed had to have cost the bride about $3,500. A dress that dreamy does not come cheap and the total cost actually came out to $4,500. This is on the high end even for more expensive cities like Chicago or New York where the average wedding dress costs around $1,000. The only detail that could outdo the dress was the EPIC floral chandelier. Isabelle guessed it had to cost upwards of $5,000 for that ornate of a display. Flowers can always be a surprisingly costly detail to any wedding, averaging $1,775 in Washington, DC to $2,400 in New York.

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