THAT Wedding Recap: Chris and Korie

posted: 06/14/18
by: Marina Luciano-Carson

After thirteen years, Korie and Chris have graduated from the friend zone and are now engaged! Now that they're planning their wedding, they need to lock down a budget. While Korie wants an over-the-top wedding fit for a queen, Chris is looking for a more laid-back affair. On TLC's new series I Want THAT Wedding, this engaged couple attended three weddings at the low, medium and high end of their budget to see who would win out - Chris' $20,000 budget or Korie's $65,000 budget?

By using WeddingWire's Cost Guide, let's take a look at how the wedding expenses featured on the show compare to what couples are spending on their wedding day throughout the country!

THAT Wedding
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THAT Wedding Ep. 2 - Wedding #1
The first wedding was just what Chris had in mind - minimal, but beautiful! He guessed the converted church venue had to be a surefire way to save some money upfront, and he was right! The price tag came out to $3,500 saving thousands from a typical Chicago venue, which averages $9,000, and staying at the lower end of the average cost for wedding venues in Dallas, which can go up to $7,000 or more! Korie loved a lot of the details in this simple but sophisticated affair, but the one thing she couldn't take her eyes off was the dress. She fell in love with the lacy design and guessed this gorgeous gown had to cost at least $2,000. Little did she know, the dress actually only cost $1,125! This is around the average cost of a wedding dress for a New York City bride, and on the pricier end for the typical Atlanta gown which costs an average of $850. Overall, the couple was able to cut costs on a number of details, incorporating DIY decorations and having a signature drink instead of an open bar.

Korie and Chris
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THAT Wedding Ep. 2 - Korie and Chris
Next up, Chris and Korie headed to a rooftop wedding, which immediately struck a nice balance between the two budgets. The first compromise - live music! A hip-hop artist himself, Chris was always in favor of having a live musician, but he knew he would have to win over Korie. Luckily, the violinist did just that! The couple guessed it cost $300 to score the musician, which ended up only being $250. This is a steal compared to the average cost of wedding bands, which can cost around $4,000 everywhere from Chicago, Dallas, to LA! Another fun way to save some money - rent a photo booth instead of hiring a photographer! This only cost the bride and groom $500, which is $150 less than the average cost for photo booth rentals in Atlanta, LA, and Dallas. Hiring a photographer is definitely a splurge, costing an average of $2,100 in Chicago and Washington DC. Now, that the couple had found some common ground, it was time for them to hit up the third wedding.


that wedding
The last wedding was a themed one! Set on the Queen Mary, guests were required to attend in costume, decked out in vintage dresses and tuxedos. The couple guessed that this elaborate setting must have cost at least $10,000, but this all-in-one venue actually only cost $2,280! Their guess was more on par with the typical wedding venue in LA or Chicago, which range from $8,000 to $9,000. The venue wasn't the only element that impressed the couple. The plated dinner was a "revelation" according to Korie, and they could not get enough of the fruitcake dessert. Skipping out on a cake can save a pretty penny since cakes cost an average of $500 everywhere from Atlanta to Chicago!

Find out what these weddings actually cost by watching the full episode here or at TLC.com/THATWedding and don't miss new episodes of I Want THAT Wedding, Saturdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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