THAT Wedding: Marquie Tells All

posted: 06/27/18
by: Marina Luciano-Carson

Marquie reveals the biggest lessons she learned about wedding planning on I Want THAT Wedding and what she plans to incorporate into her big day! Download the TLC GO app or visit TLC.com/THATWedding to watch the full episode and see how Marquie and Ryans' guesses matched up to the actual costs, then learn more about how these costs stack up to wedding expenses around the country here or by heading to TLC.com/THATWeddingRecap!

1. What was the wedding expense that surprised you the most?

The wedding expense that surprised me the most was probably the cost difference between plated and buffet-style dinners. I was really surprised that vendors charge so much more to plate the food. I was also really shocked at how inexpensive some of the added entertainment cost. One couple added a strolling champagne table and it wasn't nearly as expensive as I would have thought. One little detail can really spice up your wedding!

2. What has the show taught you about wedding budgeting?

The show really taught me all of the creative ways to add some DIY projects that can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars! I never thought of getting our own fabric to sew the table overlays instead of renting them. The added touch of DIY decor at the weddings really gave it a warm personal touch and you could tell how much love, sweat, and tears went into every detail. Reflecting throughout the show, it was really eye-opening to see where Ryan wanted to spend more money and where I thought we could save and splurge elsewhere like an open bar vs. a limited bar.

3. What was your biggest splurge for your big day?

We are in full planning mode right now! I think the biggest splurge is going to be trying to get a light up dance floor for Ryan... but shhhh I'm trying to surprise him with it! Outside of trying to make his groomzilla dream come true, one of our biggest splurges is something we didn't see on the show but considered afterward. We really want to have shuttles that drive our guests from the hotel to the venue. Although it isn't an exciting splurge for our big day, we really want our guest to enjoy themselves and safely let loose at the reception.

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