THAT Wedding: Korie Tells All

posted: 06/20/18
by: Marina Luciano-Carson

Wondering whether the happy couple ever decided on their perfect budget?

Korie answered some questions about the biggest lessons she learned on I Want THAT Wedding and what was her biggest wedding day splurge! Download the TLC GO app or visit TLC.com/THATWedding to watch the full episode and see how Korie and Chris' guesses matched up to the actual costs, then learn more about how these costs stack up to wedding expenses around the country here or by heading to TLC.com/THATWeddingRecap!

1. What was the wedding expense that surprised you the most?

The expense that surprised us the most was the cost of the aerialist for the Queen Mary wedding and the low cost of the food for the York Manor wedding!

2. What has the show taught you about wedding budgeting?

The show has taught me that you can do a lot with a smaller budget. However, the kind of wedding that I would like to have most likely is on the higher side. Some of the things done to save money were great ideas for us to add on though!

3. What was your biggest splurge for your big day?

Our biggest splurge is our venue for sure. We really wanted somewhere that we didn't have to share with anyone else. The privacy of having only our wedding there is for sure a cost that we splurged on! The venue also included the service though that I am huge on. The valet, bartenders, servers, security and more!

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