THAT Wedding: Donia Tells All

posted: 06/13/18
by: Marina Luciano-Carson

Wondering whether the happy couple ever decided on their perfect budget?

Donia answered some questions about the wedding expense that surprised her the most and what she has planned for her big day! Download the TLC GO app or visit TLC.com/THATWedding to watch the full episode and see how Donia and Joey's guesses matched up to the actual costs, then learn more about how these costs stack up to wedding expenses around the country by heading to TLC.com/THATWeddingRecap!

  1. What was the wedding expense that surprised you the most?

The Topanga Canyon wedding shocked me the most! I STILL can't believe that they catered their wedding for only $1,200!!! I've gone to brunches with WAY fewer people that cost that much. It's also a nice reassuring feeling that we can spend that much to cater our wedding!

  1. What has the show taught you about wedding budgeting?

The show has taught me that you really CAN have a beautiful wedding at a reasonable price and that the process can be really fun. I've always heard that planning weddings are stressful but after experiencing this show I feel like Joey and I are well equipped with so much useful information that we can move forward in the process. Very excited about our special day!

  1. What was your biggest splurge for your big day?

Joey and I are getting married next year and our biggest thing is to have an open bar. We want everyone to really really enjoy themselves and think that liquid courage would help loosen a few people up.

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