Teen With Autism Donates Food and Money to Animal Shelter For His Birthday

posted: 04/20/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

For his 16th birthday party, Daniel Jaicks didn't want any presents.

He requested that all guests bring money and/or nonperishable items to donate to the local animal shelter.

"What an awesome gift for the animals!!!" South Carolina's Charleston Animal Society posted on Facebook along with a photo of Daniel proudly standing near what he collected. "Thank you Daniel you are a kind and loving young man."

The caring teenager held his birthday party at an indoor trampoline park where he collected $95, two 50 lb. bags of dog food, two 25 lb. bags of food, two 5 lb. bags of food and a gift bag filled with toys for cats and treats for cats and dogs from about 30 guests.

This is all came after he received a lawn mower from his mom, which was all that he really wanted. So when his mother asked him what he wanted from his friends at this birthday party, the answer was obvious.

"Daniel chose the animals right away," his mom Joanna said. "We're very proud of him for making that choice!"

We are very proud, too.