Teen Moms Share Their Stories This Season On Unexpected

posted: 07/12/18
by: Kate Meroski

It truly takes a village to raise a child! When Unexpected returns to TLC on Sunday, August 5th at 10/9c, you'll meet three new young expectant parents and their families, and catch up with familiar faces from last season.

Get ready for updates from Lexus & Shayden and McKayla & Caelen, as they face and embrace their new reality as parents.

They will be joined by three newly expecting couples:Laura and Tylor, Chloe and Max, and Emiley and Diego, whose lives will be drastically changed by pregnancy, parenthood, and everything in-between.

See their journey from a new perspective when you get a first-hand look at the hurdles that all five families encounter while raising not only their teenagers, but their grandchildren--and great-grandchildren--as well.

As grandparents and great-grandparents step in to help the teens, roles are blurred, tensions mount and relationships become strained because everyone has a different opinion about what is best for the teens and the well-being of their babies.

Watch full episodes of Unexpected on the TLC GO app or at TLC.com/Unexpected, and tune in to the season premiere August 5th at 10/9c.