Teaching Your Tween Healthy Skincare Routines

posted: 09/15/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Tween Skincare

You may have your daily skincare routine down to a perfect science, but someone in your house that may not have a clue how to care for their skin is your tween--and we're talking about both girls and boys here. But rather than grabbing a ton of products and hoping your tween uses them, start with these simple steps to teach your tween a healthy skincare routine.

Keeping It Simple- Even though we may have a bathroom counter full of cleansers, daytime and nighttime moisturizers, and serums, for your tween, keep it simple. The easier the skincare routine, the more likely they will actually follow it. Start with a gentle cleanser they can use in the morning and before bed. If skin problems arise, then you can add a few gentle skincare products for problem areas. There are so many skincare products on the market for teens and tween; however some might be too strong and not intended for daily use. But cleansing twice a day is a good habit to start with your tween.

Moisturizer and SPF- Both are key to great skincare for you and your tween, so make it easy for them by grabbing a moisturizer and SPF combo. They only need a little on their face every morning, and it's a great way to keep their skin hydrated and protected every day.

After Practice and Games- If your tween is playing a sport, make sure they are washing their face after a sweaty practice or game. Tossing a box of individual cleaning towels or wipes into their sports bags is an easy way for them to cleanse their face on-the-go.

Makeup Hygiene- If your tween is wearing makeup, make sure she is cleaning her makeup brushes and applicators and not using old or expired makeup. Since all of these are breeding grounds for bacteria that causes breakouts, show her how to clean her brushes with hot water and dish soap, baby shampoo, or white vinegar. Check to see how old her makeup is--especially if it's a hand-me-down, and toss and replace old makeup.

Products Just for Them- Help your tween select products designed with their skin in mind. If they have oily, dry, or combo skin, you'll be able to find cleansers, moisturizers, and skincare products that will work best for their skin type and age.