Teacher Creates a Special Chair for Students with Sensory Processing Issues

posted: 02/09/17
by: Amanda Mushro
Chairs for students
Raymond Ellis Elementary School

Sitting in a chair for hours during the school day can be difficult for any student, but for a child with sensory processing issues, trying to focus while sitting in a chair can be almost painful. Proving yet again that teachers are amazing, one Illinois teacher has invented a chair that will help students focus while in school.

Miss Maplethorpe, who teachers in the Speech and Language Department at Raymond Ellis Elementary School in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, created a unique chair that she feels will help students with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, and sensory processing disorders. After seeing the school's Facebook post displaying the chair, parents and educators are celebrating Miss Maplethrope and her creation.

According to the school, having the chairs covered in sliced tennis balls helps kids "who may have difficulty processing information from their senses and from the world around them." The post reads "Tennis balls on the seat and backrest provide an alternative texture to improve sensory regulation."

While the chair may look uncomfortable to some, Special Education experts agree that the tennis balls will cause minimal disruption to students but can give a students the extra pressure, movement, or alternative feelings they need to stay focused and concentrate.

Since being shared on Facebook, the school's post has gone viral, and with over 13 thousand comments, parents and educators alike want to know where how they too can create Miss Maplethrope's chair for their students.