Taylor Swift Threw An Amazing Pizza and Dance Party for Thousands of Adoptive and Foster Families

posted: 05/15/18
by: Amanda Mushro

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Before hitting the road for her new stadium tour, Taylor Swift hosted a grand party. But rather than celebrities gathered at one of Taylor's posh homes, the singer turned her final dress rehearsal into a private concert for 2,000 adoptive and foster families in Glendale, Arizona.

The kids and parents got a chance to dance and sing along with some of Taylor's best hits, and always the gracious hostess, she ordered enough pizza for the entire crowd! As if the tunes and pizza weren't enough, Taylor ended the night by standing on stage for over four hours as she posed for pictures with all of the attendees.

Abbi Williams is one of the foster moms that attended Taylor's concert and she shared a few pictures from the event that included a group of kids surrounding a smiling Taylor on stage. "A night my girls and I will always remember - meeting Taylor Swift!! Thank you for such a generous evening with your littlest fans. Your show is amazing - you and your team did an incredible job!!" she captioned the photo on Instagram.

So how did the singer pull off this surprise? "We received an email a few days ago through an organization called AZAFAP (Arizona Association of Foster and Adoptive Parents). They help organize events and extra-curricular things for foster kids and foster families. They released 2,000 tickets and everyone thought it was a scam at first," Kellie Dillon told E! News. "We thought it was too good to be true, but we all kept it a secret (per Taylor's orders) and sure enough had the time of our lives!"

While the singer has been known to invite fans to special shows and treat them to surprises, many of the parents said this amazing exigence meant more to the kids and their families than Taylor will ever know. "My family and I have been fostering for over three years and have adopted too," Dillon said.. "I don't think Taylor understand what this meant to these foster and adoptive families! Some of these children have been through terrible journeys in their lifetime, so to me able to escape for an incredible evening like that was out of this world! She was so genuine and we truly felt like we were hanging out with a friend and had a pizza party at the end of the night. A magical evening we will never forget."

Since the party, Taylor started her Reputation tour and fans are already saying that every show has been amazing, we are pretty sure nothing can top the pizza and dance party she hosted for these special kids.